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Security Alert

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

We learned this morning that our neighborhood mailbox center was stolen. Yes, they ripped out the whole unit of around ten mailboxes. It was a standing metal unit attached to a pole in the concrete. They took several in the neighborhood apparently. What is happening to people? Maybe the toxins that are killing the plants and animals are also making people crazy? For a country who claims we all have good paying jobs it is a wonder why there is so much crime and gun violence. I have put a credit freeze as is suggested on credit agencies for both my husband and myself. I can only hope the mail they got away with isn't identity revealing and didn't contain money or mail orders. Putting the freeze in place with top three credit reporting agencies took half a day to complete. Tomorrow I will call our individual creditors. You can put a credit alert or freeze on your account if you have any suspicions of a breach or just want to be careful. The only inconvenience (beside the time it takes) is that you have to go through the process of lifting the freeze if you want to apply for credit. Keep a careful watch on your identity these days. Ordering free credit reports every year is a good maintenance habit.

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