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Planet Health

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Another topic of concern is our planet. We can't achieve health without a healthy home. The fact is the planet is suffering and surprisingly very few people ever think about it. I actually had a young lady tell me I was funny  when I wished her a happy Earth Day on April 22, which is Earth Day by the way. My own mind is overwhelmed like my heart. Marine and wildlife are becoming extinct faster than I could imagine. I read yesterday in the New York Times that we have lost 29% of our back yard birds, over 3 billion since 1970. I have unfortunately read about and seen first hand the death of many of our trees and forest. Trees all over the world are sick and dying from bacteria, fungus and pests that attack trees during and after  long exposure to heat stress.  Clean water is becoming scarce with millions already without.  Our arctic is melting so fast that some arctic wildlife has already been reduced to ninety percent of the numbers they were just two years ago. As the ice melts the krill disappears and there is no food for our beautiful whales. This year so far at least thirty six whales have starved to death.  Each of us must do our part, in small or in big ways. Riding your bike to even one location or remembering to shop with a reusable bag could amount to some big improvements in the environment, if we all do  it. DD

Do It Your Way

Some people I talk to feel that environmentalists judge them harshly. If your not up to full scale recycling, or eliminating use of disposable plastic, you may be convinced that being green isn't practical. Don't listen to anyone else! Do what you can. Even one plastic bag never used, may save a turtle. DD

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Sea Turtle eat plastic bag ocean polluti


Sit next to, swim with and enjoy watching turtles but don't touch. If turtles are sitting on the beach they are most likely nesting. DD

Helpful Tips 


Try nylon or cotton bags with a drawstring to keep fruits and vegetables fresh in the refrigerator. Keep some in your reusable grocery bag for shopping.


To remove rodents from your property try using good old fashioned mouse and rat traps. They are very effective and you won't kill the wildlife that eat's the  rodents. We use live traps for the squirrels and rabbits. We take them to a prtected area nearby and let them go. 


To get bright whites without using bleach try Liquid Blue. It brightens whites beautifully and is available at some grocery stores. Make sure to disolve about 1/4 cup of Bluing agent into at least a quart of water before pouring into your washer. I use an old Downey bottle to keep mine ready for use.


Mason jars are a great way to store dry foods and can also be used to store frozon food items. Glass storage bins with rubbermaid tops freeze well also and  come in assorted sizes. You can usally find them at the groceery store.


Ordinarly dish soap works well to keep insects off your plants. Use about about 1/4 cup dish soap in a large spray bottle and fill with water.Spray all parks of the plant including under the leaves. 


Instead of using plastic trash bags, empty trash directly into the garbage bin and wipe out your waste basket each time you empty the trash. 


Ride your bike or walk instead of driving. Maybe try starting with one time a week to one destination. You might like it so much you do it more often.

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